Wet Plate Collodion Workshop

 The Wet Plate Collodion Workshop with Roxanne Prescott  

       Join Roxanne in a two day weekend workshop as she teaches the basics of the Wet Plate Collodion process discovered in 1851 by Frederick Scott Archer. The workshop will begin with a brief but concise overview of the technique, including it's history and a discussion of present day artists using this historical photographic method. Participants will gain first hand experience in preparing the plates with the collodion and silver, along with exposing, developing and fixing of the images onto metal and glass plates.

      Large format view cameras and vintage brass lenses will be used in the workshop to create portraits and still life images. A how-to reference guide will be provided for each student which will also contain detailed information about the equipment and chemistry involved in order to begin one's own journey in this fascinating technique.

          June 6th and 7th  2015        Saturday 10am to 4pm  and  Sunday  11am to 4pm 

    The Perfect Exposure Gallery   3519 West 6th Street     Los Angeles, California  90020